Driver Mobile Assistant

This app is built for RV Transport Drivers. Taking care of all the details you need to be successful in the RV Transport world. 

Load Board

View Available Load Details

Knowing what loads are available is one of the key features of the DMA app. We’ve heard from drivers that this is what they use the app for the most. We’ve built out a robust access to load boards so you know the who, what, when, and where for every load. You’ll also see the rate and total pay along with important notes like CDL requirement. 

Your Stats

Track your business stats

Transporting RVs is operating a small business. You need to know your numbers as a small business owner. On the stats page you can find everything you need from total trips to driver ranking. These stats help you stay up to date with your activity.

Company Specific News

The DMA app is built for multiple carriers, but once you’re logged in, you’ll receive only data and news that’s specific for your company. 

Important Push Notifications

Staying informed is very important in a fast paced working environment. Get push notifications about HOT loads, storms, and more.

Submit Load Documents

Use your DMA app to submit all the documents you need in order to get paid. No more mailing, faxing, or Transfloing. Just snap a photo and send.


What You Get

Location Tracking

Utilize built in location tracking to easily make check calls via the app. Turn this on and off as you please for complete location privacy.

Load Info

The Load Info tab appears when you are dispatched a load. This is where you’ll find everything you need about that specific load.

Activity Monitor

Keep up to date with the number of your small business. Find your info under the Stats tab on the app.

Training Docs and Videos

We can all use a refresher from time to time on company policies, safety, and more. Access all of this at your finger tips.

Company Contact Info

Need to contact your TM at your company? No problem, get contact info for your traffic manager on your home screen.

So Much More

The Driver Mobile Assistant is just that, an assistant to your driving career. Like we say, it’ll do everything but drive your truck for you.

Get Started!

The DMA App is available on Apple and Android devices¹

1. DMA App requires Android OS 7 or newer, iOS 11 or newer.

Please use this app responsibly and in accordance with all state and federal guidelines while in transport with an assigned vehicle. Driver Mobile Assistant is not responsible for driving incidents caused by use of this app. Safety is always first priority and distracted driving is a leading cause of accidents.

For assistance with the Driver Mobile Assistant app, please email